VLS International Public School


Leading through values

"Great outcomes are delivered through a culture of strong values. By focusing on ethos and character,we nurture extraordinary young people".
about school

It is an incredible experience for us to welcome you to the threshold of VLS International Public School. The thought of a meaningful journey, conceptualizing the theories, ideas, embracing children and teachers from varied background are all overwhelming experience. Our simple idea of 'schooling' is to give international standard education at an affordable fee structure with rich and lasting experience. The school follows CICSE syllabus with International Teaching Approach. The highlight of the school, is the way it has planned to impart the 21st century skill set.

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21st Century Skill Set

There are certain skills which never go out of demand. With the entry of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning, interference of human resource becomes very limited. Hence, the school should equip the children with the skill set which will not be the assets of these technologies. We at VLSIPS, concentrate on these skill sets which are exclusively for human beings. Let your child be benefited by these special features of our school. Come, explore and be a part of the changing trend in the education sector.

Spacious Infrastructure

School is a second home and here, the future citizens are shaped, who safegaurd the universe. School provides ample space to breathe out their thoughts and give wings to their dreams. Here, the children are not bound to any particular class. The class takes place in open air, ample space to carry out various activities and tall and wide windows for fresh flow of air. Generous space in the class room, library, AV room, hallway, labs, auditorium are all part of aesthetically designed structure. Let your child experience a homely and disciplined atmosphere here.

International Teaching Approach

The unique feature of VLSIPS is, the way the teaching and learning takes place. The best of the best teaching methodologies have been integrated right from the kindergarten yet at very appealing fee structure. One of the core strengths of the institution is its teaching facilitators who are trained for the international curriculum framework and the way they are committed to leverage it to the students. Our motto is to blend our traditional system with the international method of teaching. Our focus is on premium education at an affordable fee structure.


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Principal's Message

A heartfelt thank you to all the parents who have trusted us and entrusted their offspring to us. Upon their entry to the portal of VLS International Public School, we make sure, the child is transformed into a beautiful butterfly in the process of schooling.

Here, with the help of acknowledged quotes, I take pleasure to put forth my thoughts on education with all of you. If all of us pay heed to these precious words of W.B.Yeats, then we have understood what 'Education' is all about. The future embraces those who are curious, creative, team players and problem solvers. Our endeavour is to create such vibrant leaders and thinkers for the 21st Century.